Conservatory of Vytautas Magnus University Education Academy

The Conservatory of Vytautas Magnus University Education Academy (former Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences), was founded in 1999. The first idea of establishing it was to provide background for an educational campus where future teachers of Biology, Natural Sciences, Geography could deepen their knowledge and develop skills.
The area of the premises and climatic conditions limit the number of plants and diversity of species in the conservatory. Due to its technical capacity the temperature in winter reaches 14-16°, that is why there thrive tropic and subtropic plants.

The conservatory, established in the very centre of the city, is open to everybody who loves plants. It exhibits over 900 species and smaller taxonomic units of plants. The visitors can get acquainted with the plants from America, Australia, Asia, Africa, the warm regions of Europe, observe the plant life forms not typical of the Lithuanian climate, such as epiphytes, lianas, succulents, numerous collections of palms, orchid cites, cacti, formations of Euphorbia, sycamores, philodendrons, collections of edible fruiting plants or the ones offering any other type of practical application.

The Conservatory is the place where educational activities take place: there young people can train their perceptive powers, develop emotions, taste exotic fruits, smell the priciest spices.
The Conservatory inspires the staff members of the University to organise the educational indoor plant exhibition “Plant Labyrinths”, participate in the international festival “Fastination of Plants Day” and other events developing one’s feeling of nature.

The Conservatory is on the right side of the river Neris in the front of Parliament.

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