The collection of the largest rosary in Lithuania blossomed

In this year, due to the high temperature, the blooming in the largest Lithuanian rosary in the Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) in Kaunas started incredibly early. Rose curator Dovilė Rylienė says roses usually begin to bloom in late June: „ The first to begin to bloom are ancient roses, hybrids Rosa rugose and other Rosaceae. Somewhat later, modern hybrids bloom. But this year all the roses, both ancient and modern, began to bloom at the same time.”

Opposite the largest greenhouse in the country, a world-class rosearium is grown, in which not only the most interesting and new hybrids from Europe and America, but also a rich collection of historic roses: in the Botanical Garden of VMU, a total of 1,500 varieties of roses are cultivated.

In the autumn it is planned to plant a large collection of Rosa species. Well in our climate growing species will become a very valuable learning material for students and anyone interested in them.


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