Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus University

Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus University was founded in 1923 as the centre of botanical sciences that belonged to Lithuanian (later Vytautas Magnus) University. Spacious green area with the old park, picturesque ponds and several buildings of the former estate of Juozapas Godlevskis (Aukstosios Fredos estate) was provided for establishing BG at that time. Professor Konstantin Regel from Tartu University was invited to direct BG. The detailed project for the BG landscape was made in 1924 by architect Karol Rauth from Hanover. With the help of other Botanical gardens, especially Berlin’s Dahlem, Konigsberg and St. Petersburg’s Kaunas Botanical Garden built up very rapidly. The construction of the Greenhouse was finished in 1938.

Presently, Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus Universitety occupies the area of 62.5 ha close to the city center. BG is multifunctional university botanical garden that consists of two departments: Collection department, Department of Services and Education. Collection department is comprised of four sectors (Medicinal plants, Dendrology, Pomology, Floriculture), Plant systematics and Phytopathology groups.

The unique feature of this garden is peacefull and green environment created by an advantageous combination of cultural and natural heritage. Botanical expositions and collections, the Greenhouse, big landscape park with an interesting pond system – this is not only place for plant conservation and research but also area for all modern forms of interactive education, cultural tourism and community use.

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